The thing that I personally agree with is about the part where they told us that students tend to be smarter when they are younger than they are older. My evidence is that I have had younger cousins that had good grades when they were in kindergarten and those grades went downhill as they grew up and moved on to elementary school. There are different ways that a teacher can teach their student and that affects of how their students gain knowledge. Whether it is a nice, creative teacher or a strict and uptight one, it still affects the education being distributed to the students no matter what. One thing that also bothered me is that he told us that outside school, cheating is called a collaboration, and i disagree with that. If one student copied all the time, how are they going to learn? How are they going to prepare for the future ahead of them? The thing is people can't rely on other people all the time, they have to face the real world when they finish school, they have to be independent and responsible. A suggestion that I can make is that teachers should have more activities in their class that , if possible, include having to use creativeness. What was interesting is that the video actually had evidence to support the topic that school does  in fact kill creativity, he went thorough every evidence thoroughly to make us, the viewers understand why. He brought out more than enough evidence to support the topic.

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