For the genius hour, I had picked to look more into Greek Mythology but mainly focus on the 12 Gods and Goddesses that resides on Mount Olympus. I chose this because since I was little, I was already interested in learning more about the Gods and Goddesses of Greece. I was so intrigued by what myths and legends Greek Mythology contained that I just had to look into it. One thing that piqued my interest is that how Zeus managed to overthrow his father, Kronos, and save his siblings, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera and Hestia. Second thing that made me eager to learn more about Greek Mythology was that there were a lot of variations about how the 12 Olympians came to be. Learning more about them just made more curious than I already am. The third thing that made me pry into articles about them is how people from Greece believed these things, I mean when I compare them to my religion, which is Catholicism; we have had many people writing down the words of God which was the result of a book we now call the Holy Bible, we also had miracles that were created by Jesus himself and I believe every single one of them because it is what I believe. I am hoping that by the end of Genius Hour, I will know where their beliefs of these gods and goddesses originated from.

            When we started Genius Hour, the first few days of researching about Greek Mythology was quite brutal as I got to learn more about variations of stories of how each of them were born or what their back story was. There were a lot of different ideas of how Zeus defeated his father. An example is that other stories say that Zeus was the only one who fought with his father after he made Kronos vomit his siblings out and others say that after the siblings were out of their father’s stomach, they fought with Zeus in a war to crush their father. Many websites, like, and the most common used website for researching, Wikipedia were helpful but had minor differences about some of their stories. I have been planning for quite a while now that I should start reading some book about them to get a much more reliable article rather than the internet that has many stories about them but not completely reliable as many people change them to their own personal beliefs. I hope that by the end of Genius Hour, I have gained a greater knowledge of the 12 Olympians of Greek Mythology.


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