In the last genius hour that I created, I talked about the 12 Olympians that resides in Mount Olympus. During the past few weeks after doing it, I have learned more things about them. I looked more into the family tree of the Olympians,who their parents were and who their siblings were. I know that they all came from one family line but it's still very interesting to know which branch they came from.

       While researching more about the said family tree, I discovered that they came from someone or something called Chaos meaning nothingness. I have not really gone into that yet but I will definitely look in to that next time. The branch that I was just talking about consists of the two sides of children, that Chaos' children, Uranus and Gaea had. It was very engaging to find out that the siblings of the family tree had children together and that continued on for generations, even when the 12 Olympians were born because to us humans, that is considered very inappropriate, but to the Olympians, it may be a normal thing to them. On the next genius hour time that we have, I hope to learn more about the 12 Olympians using the help of a few useful websites that I encountered before like

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